The Dogs of NLK

Meet the dogs of No Limits Kennels. Each dog was hand-picked, trained, and developed by NLK to provide the finest gun dog squad in Kansas.

The NLK Philosophy

Our objective is to assist you and your canine in achieving your goals. Together we can create a personalized training plan for your dog from foundation to finish and everything in between. No Limits Kennels is here to serve you and your canine. Whether you desire dog boarding, basic training, advanced training, or rehabilitation, we have the tools and knowledge to set the path for a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.


Train with Us


From boarding, hunting, training, and breeding, we will only do business with people of integrity. Every dog in our care will be treated with dignity and respect just as if they were our own dogs. We consider our dogs members of our family, and you can rest assured that any dog you trust in our care will also be treated as part of the family. Dogs THRIVE when they have structure in a positive, fair, and consistent environment.


Hunt with Us

NLK Media

Check out our dogs in action!!

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