CH Grouse Points Gotta Gun “Janie”

Janie is one of the nicest and easiest dogs to get along with in and around the house and in the field. Janie is the matriarch of our kennel and is far and away the sweetest dog  as well as the quickest dog that we have.

Her speed and agility is unmatched, she will hunt each field like it is her last. She is perfectly comfortable lounging quietly around the house all hours of the day and night, she is our resident couch potato yet she has the most impressive speed and hunting style of any dog we have ever seen.

She will hunt for everyone in the field and covers ground for every gun in the field. Janie’s hunting style is quick and fast and she will normally range within 20-60 yards in front of the group in a windshield wiper motion. She is an ease to handle and will hunt all day without having to say a word to her, she knows her job and she loves to work. She lives to retrieve and she is just as happy in the duck blind as she is on the couch or in the field.



Janie Pedigree