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Cash (TKO Standing Stones Dash For Cash MH NA-II “Cash”)

THE Bird Dog! Cash dog lets his work speak for itself and is always a fan favorite to watch work and handle. Cash is the easiest dog to train and work with for example he was able to pass his first 4 of 4 master hunt tests with high scores of 8’s or better across the board before he was 2 years old. Cash is a guide dog for upland and waterfowl hunts retrieving 1,000+ birds each season.

He lives and loves to work and will do whatever it takes to please and be involved in the hunt. Steady as can be in the field or the blind but will turn it all the way ON when it is time to go to work. He has retrieved over 20 species of birds in 7 states and treated each hunt and retrieve as if it were going to be his last.

We cannot say enough about his work ethic and drive in the field and everyone that has the opportunity to hunt over him always asks to do it again. Cash is an all around versatile hunting dog and is definitely a once in a lifetime dog but we do hope that we have the opportunity to own and produce more dogs with his desire and drive to even excel past his level of training and experience.


Hank is our most decorated conformation champion and he seems to know it. He has always showed confidence in his abilities and is definitely a client favorite in the field. Hank is an all day dog that will do whatever it takes to find birds and make the retrieve.

Hank has produced a couple of very nice litters producing himself in each of his offspring. His strength and carefree attitude makes him a real joy to hunt over. His pointing, honoring, and retrieving have all been very natural and he does his job with excellence and always looks good and has fun doing it all.

From the bird field, the duck blind, and to the house Hank is the total package. He is a closer ranging dog that is very easy to handle and is very cooperative. We are looking forward to some higher level hunt testing with Hank over the 2018 testing season and we are confident he will continue to impress us the rest of his career.


Penny (Standing Stones No Limits Heads Up NA-III UT-II “Penny”)

Penny is our total package gun dog. Her beauty, brains, nose, and style make her a true pleasure to hunt behind and work with. Her abilities in the water and field are exactly what we look for in a versatile hunting dog. In the field she will adjust her range depending on cover and conditions. She has a very nice, harsh and dense coat which suits her well hunting late season ducks and geese as well as protecting her better from barbed wire and tough cover.

We are looking forward to continuing her hunting, testing, and conformation career and believe she will continue to be that jaw dropping dog that every versatile hunter desires.

AKC Conformation Points: 8
AKC Master Hunt Test Passes: 1

Blaze (Grouse Points Wildfire NA-II “Blaze”)

Blaze is the new girl around the house and kennel. Her water drive and desire to retrieve has us very excited about her testing and hunting career without a doubt. She has an amazing nose and ability to find and pin down wild birds at a young age. Blaze is very quiet around the house and in the kennel.

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