I’m a native of southeast Kansas. My father introduced me to upland hunting and gun dogs as a kid but I only started hunting 5 years ago. I quickly learned that it was much more than hunting. It’s been an incredible source of learning, self development and its become my mission to personally challenge myself. I have two German Shorthaired Pointers, roughly the same age, Daisy and Doc. I got Daisy at 11 weeks old from a farmer in Viola, KS for $200 and I got Doc at a little over a year old from a couple in Oxford, KS also for $200.  It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun working with them. The feeling of watching all your hard work pay off during the season is something only a dog handler can understand. I’m an avid wing shooter and we’ve hunted all over the state of Kansas. Although I do have a few friends who are outfitters, I’m primarily a DIY hunter and hunt mainly public land. Naturally over the last 5 years I have fallen in love with all things hunting and find the whole experience like a piece of art, which is why I started taking pictures. First with my cell phone and then my first DSLR within the last couple years. I have a great support system with my beautiful wife and 4 awesome children. I love being able to introduce them to hunting and the outdoors. To me there’s no better feeling than the crisp cold air on your face while in good company with your gundog focused on the task at hand. Whether it be the cackle of a rooster while flushing or the whistling of wings in the distance and finding yourself completely consumed with the moment.

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