We are Lindsay McCrea and Patrick Keating. Lindsay grew up in rural Maryland around all sorts of animals. In the summers she worked with horses, pigs, and different farm animals. She loves all animals, but especially dogs. She decided whatever career she was going to have, it had to involve animals. After learning more about the dog world she decided she wanted to have a career working with them. She met Patrick in college, and they decided to move in together after a few years. She moved from Maryland to New Jersey so Patrick could pursue his career in northern New Jersey.

Lindsay began to do dog walking, boarding, and daycare for the dogs in her Jersey City neighborhood. While walking a clients dog someone stopped her on the street, and told her that she would be an amazing addition to their company. One-week later Lindsay was hired as a professional Dog Handler for the AKC in New York City. Recently, Lindsay has become the Staff Trainer, and now trains other employees on how to handle dogs. She has become proficient in reading dog body language, and is constantly learning about dog training and behavior. Her dream is to rehabilitate dogs with behavior modification, train hunting dogs, and other working dogs. 

Two years ago, Lindsay and Pat decided to get their own dog. Patrick has always wanted his own hunting dog, although he had almost no experience in hunting. They settled on a German Shorthair Pointer because of their versatility. They found a German Shorthair Pointer puppy for sale in Pennsylvania, and put a deposit down. A month later they picked up a beautiful female, and named her Kona. They had never hunted, trained, or owned a bird dog before. They decided to take a hands on approach to training their dog so that they can learn how to train and hunt under a mentor. Neither Lindsay or Pat have any friends of family members who hunt. There aren’t very many upland hunters in the city, and there aren’t very many resources to learn, except for what was online or in books, so the first year was very slow going. 

One day while walking Kona in a busy area of Jersey City Lindsay and Pat saw a Weimaraner puppy, named Monty, across the street, and decided to approach the owners. They started talking, and found out that this was the couple’s first bird dog as well. Monty’s owners gave Lindsay and Pat the phone number of their dog trainer, Bob Corsaro, who breeds Deutsche Kurzhaars, and helps teach people how to train their own dogs in the New Jersey area.

After speaking with Pat, Bob decided to take them on as mentee’s even though he already had a full schedule, considering he does so as a hobby. While training Kona there were more than one occasions where Bob asked if Pat and Lindsay would be open to getting another dog, as she was a difficult dog to work with. They decided that they wanted to learn along with Kona, in order to get her where she needed to be.

After training hard all spring and summer, they hunted over her for their first season in the fall of 2018. Their first season was a long one of accidentally flushed birds, and missed shots, but it all came together on the last weekend of the season with pheasants that where pointed, shot, and retrieved to hand. Their trainer, Bob, now says that he is shocked by how far she has come, and that it’s all due to the hard work that Lindsay and Pat put in. Bob says that he’d hunt over her any day, which is the best compliment they could have asked for. 

The past two years have been a rocky road with a steep learning curve; sometimes they didn’t know if they would be able to do it, but they proved everyone wrong, all because they were willing to put in the work. Pat and Lindsay admire what they see No Limits Kennels doing and want to contribute to their community in anyway that they can. It’s not easy living in a state where upland hunting, or hunting in general, isn’t very common, but it makes it that much more rewarding when they get to go out in the field and hunt with their dog, as a team. All of this has sparked a fire in them to train bird dogs, live the upland lifestyle, and help others in their pursuit to do the same.

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