I grew up observing points beneath the tall pines and listening to the bay of beagles through the swamps of South Carolina. On our small 100 acre family farm we rose cattle, and quail to train my fathers pointing dogs but during his battle with cancer he stepped away from bird dogs.  Ever since I have dreamed of the day that I could have a household of pointers sitting at my feet by the fire and the duck blind. During high school is when I got my first dog. Her name was Sam, and she was the smallest beagle of a litter bread by the group of gentlemen that taught my dad and I everything we know about running rabbits.  I was elated the day I put her out in the yard where I had just seen a rabbit. She howled for the first time and I was hooked. I knew that sporting dogs would always be a part of my life from that point on. Now that I am an “adult” and have a home of my own, I’m filling it with German pointers both Wire and Short Hair. I fell in love with German Shorthairs when I observed my first AKC hunt test. I was so impressed I vowed it would be my next dog. Now I am dedicated to creating and training bird dogs that will perform from the prairie potholes to the Arkansas swamps.  I love meeting new people so shoot me a direct message on Instagram @justinsmileysteele

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