Being a native Texan my primary outdoor and hunting experience was focused on whitetail deer with the occasional dove opener sprinkled in here and there. Labs were the only hunting dogs I was ever around and never had a hunting dog my self. Fast forward to this last year one of our friends had a Vizsla who had drive unlike anything I had ever seen before. She had never seen an open field or been on a hunt but just watching her in the back yard go crazy over squirrels, birds, and bugs had me hooked. After a few months of negotiating with my wife, I finally had her buy-in to get my first bird dog, Beau. This last year has enlightened me to the the passion that is upland hunting over a dog, and I haven’t even gotten to do it yet. Living in the city, much less Texas, public land is hard to come by. Combining that with training through the initial puppy stages with Beau we are prepped and excited for our first season out in the field. 

Bringing together my passion for the outdoors and my faith I work with a local ministry that focuses on serving people who serve people, those that dedicate their life as a servant through pastoral and non-profit leadership. Our goal is to build an environment for leaders in ministry to get away, disconnect, and recharge. We focus on taking trips in which these leaders would not normally be able to participate in. Whether that be spending our days in a trout stream, a deer blind, or now on an upland hunt. We want to serve servants who dedicate their lives to serving others. We hope to provide all equipment, experiences, and relationships for these trips so that everything is taken care of and our group has nothing to worry about other than getting there. JC with No Limits Kennels has agreed to help us in this mission and look forward to what’s to come with this partnership.

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