The foundation encompasses all breeds of dog and gives each dog a head start in the basics of obedience.

This focus is the basics; here, sit, stay, heel, “place” and “whoa” in the case of pointing breeds. Dogs over 5 months old can usually learn and understand what we are asking of them with this program in as little as 4 weeks. For many dogs, 6 weeks in this program is enough to gain a complete understanding with less handling homework for you.

This development and training is critical to continue to more advanced training and fully developing the ultimate canine. You can build a house without a foundation, but sooner or later it will fall apart. We want to see each dog develop into a well behaved, functioning member of the family and society through socialization, positive reinforcement, and structure.

$200 non-refundable deposit due for reservations
$1,200 per month 

         As of now, we limit our training dogs to 8 per month to ensure each dog receives the time and attention they deserve. Please be sure to book training in advance to ensure we have time to work with you and your dog!

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