I am located in the Pacific Northwest and spend most of the fall and winter chasing Chukar in Hells Canyon or south eastern Oregon as well as hunting pheasants in eastern Washington. I started Chukar hunting in 6th grade and have been in love with it ever since. I received my first GSP (Axle) when I was in 8th grade, that’s where my passion started for bird dogs. Not knowing anything about training a bird dog, I managed to read enough books and watch enough videos to turn out a hunting machine. I knew when it came time to get another dog I would stick with the GSP’s. They are an extremely versatile dog that will adapt to any terrain and any condition. They are born with the bird instinct and the stamina to keep pushing until the day is done. At the same time, they have a very controllable energy level that will allow them to be house broke and be a companion when they are not in the field. GSP’s have some of the best personalities a handler could ask for and a loving side that is unbeatable.

I started following No Limits Kennels on Instagram back in 2016 and was able to watch them grow as a team, as a breeder and as trainers. I didn’t start reaching out to them until late winter of 2018. After doing more research about them I knew I wanted my next pup to come from NLK. After talking with JC and telling him about my 10 year olds health declining, we were able to make it happen. I knew my next pup I would want to take to the top, not just in the hunting field but for trials as well. NLK strives to have top of the line breeding while still being approachable from a DIY handler and trainer. They kept me updated constantly about the pups, as well as allowing me to reach out to them whenever on training techniques or any questions on how to break certain habits. After meeting the Bosch’s in person I knew I wanted to be apart of their team. Being a DIY bird hunter and dog handler I knew I needed a breeder that would be willing to put their clients first and help out anyway possible. 

When it comes to Lady Lou, I have set my goals very high for her. Knowing her breeding back ground and her natural instincts I see her blowing them out of the water. I am not only raising a field dog but a companion as well that is house broke. I am expecting to take Lady to the top in NAVHDA and watch her succeed on her tests as she progresses through life. While in the hunting field, I am looking for a dog that you don’t have to go running up to when they point a covey of Chukar, I expect her to hold steady allowing me to take my time getting to her. I plan on running Lady for waterfowl hunters to allow her to become the true versatile bird dog and accomplish being at the top of the field.

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